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Opening and interaction

Benchmark: Where do you Stand in Making API’s Work?

Just having an API is not good enough. Making APIs work: You need to make sure you build the right APIs and make them easy to understand and use. But you also need to make sure that these working APIs are indeed found and used. Because if the latter doesn’t happen, you may have working APIs, but they won’t work for you.

Under the guidance of our chair Olivier van Duuren

Pieter Schelfhout

Pieter Schelfhout

Head of Engineering Cake

Round Table: What is a Good API?

Pieter Schelfout | Head of Engineering | Cake NV

The API economy is becoming more and more ubiquitous as a means of exposing your business’s digital services and assets to your customers. By building a business model around APIs, businesses can rapidly scale up by accessing third-party services and data, or use APIs to transform their own data and services into a platform that encourages others to build upon and use it. This transformation has changed our thinking on how applications should interact with the rest of the IT ecosystem, how we design our services that expose data with each other and how new SaaS applications impact the existing (legacy) IT domain.

So what should an API look like, how should it be designed in order to be a perfect fit for your customers? We’ll talk about it together and discover answers in this session.

# API Designing&Documentation

Round Table: Measuring the success of your API initiative and platform

API monitoring is of great importance to modern businesses. It can indicate the health of digital businesses and allows businesses to take immediate corrective action if an important app is down. It also provides insight into which new services are performing well and which are not. But how do you measure the impact of APIs on business results? We talk about it together during this round table.

# API Analytics / Monitoring

API Summit

Round Table: Is a Gateway Enough to Give You API Security?

API gateways provide a better control layer for API (Application Programming Interface) calls, but there is still room for improvement. In this conversation we talk about the vulnerabilities of API gateways and we look for an answer to the question whether a gateway is sufficient for your API security.

#API Security

Emily Sergent

Emily Sergent

API Expert, Denodo Technologies

API and Data Integration

Emily Sergent | API Expert | Denodo

In this session you will learn more on providing direct access to datasets without encryption. Easy to scale, cloud-friendly and ready to go with API management tools.

#API Management / Gateway

Ruben van der Zwan

Ruben van der Zwan

CEO & CO-Founder at Yenlo

Breakout session: The Key Success Factors Behind any Digital Transformation and API-first Strategy

Ruben van der Zwan, CEO & CO-Founder of Yenlo

When it comes to Digital Transformation and API’s, many times we intent to talk about technology and standards only. With many Digital Transformations implemented, at small national enterprises and very large international enterprises, Yenlo experienced the key for success is not the technology.

In this presentation, we unveil the three key success factors, in a smart and pragmatical way, behind the most successful Digital Transformation projects executed by Yenlo. With real-life customer cases like, Ministry of Healthcare Netherlands (GGD, iPaaS), Universitätsklinikum Tübingen Germany (UKT, all about FHIR and Open Healthcare 2.0)), Hanseatic Bank Germany (HB, Open Banking), Mobility Switzerland (MB), Trumpf Germany (TRMP), Boeing United-States (BNG), we illustrate how they became successful with their Digital Transformation including their API-strategy.

Special customer case explained: Ministry of Healthcare Netherlands (GGD), how we build, deliver and operate a complete API & Integration eco-system for the COVID-19 pandemic break-out, including the CoronoCheckApp with QR-code generation, in less than 14 days.

Erik Wilde

Erik Wilde


Breakout session: From Production to Consumption: The Evolution of API Marketplaces

Erik Wilde, Catalyst, Axyway

API Management used to be focused on production: How to design APIs, how to implement them, how to secure them, and how to manage their consumption on a technical level. However, increasingly the focus is shifting to consumption, because APIs can only create value when they are being used. For this to work best, decoupling production and consumption is an important starting point. After that, marketplaces help to make APIs easy to discover, understand, and consume, thereby increasing the value that those APIs will create. We’ll look at this evolution of API marketplaces and what to look out for in a good marketplace.

# API Management / Gateway # API Design & Documentation
# API Analytics / Monitoring

Patrice Krakow

Patrice Krakow


Use Case ING: Service mesh together with API management - Unifying governance, security, and discoverability across your microservices and APIs

Patrice Krakow, lead Architect of the API Platform, ING

Studies show that 91% of enterprises are using or have plans to use microservices. However, microservices can’t function alone, and many organizations face three major challenges: governance, security, and discoverability. Service mesh, combined with API management, can increase microservices agility by allowing you to centrally manage, scale, secure, and discover any service in any architecture.

# API Management / Gateway

Matthias De Scheerder

Matthias De Scheerder

Managing Partner at Archers

From Transactional to Conversational: How APIs are Redefining a Native Paper Player into a Digital-First Follower

Jo Martens, CTO, Symeta Hybrid NV (Part of Colruyt Group) & Matthias De Scheerder, Integration Architect & Managing Partner, Archers

The future is conversational. How businesses communicate with their customers will become increasingly interactive and personal. Standard letters or emails will be replaced with messages delivered to you via myriad digital channels when you want and in the way you want to be spoken to.

Symeta-Hybrid is the market leader in transactional communication & direct marketing. To ensure its future it is building a flexible, scalable and secure platform using APIs, EDA and much more.

Archers has been part of this journey from the very first day of its inception.

Dive with us into the world of APIs, event-driven architecture and more to get a glimpse of the future at Symeta-Hybrid.

# Event Architecture


Interactive Closing of the Day

What did you learn / miss: which interactive on-line sessions do you need?

During this closing session you are in charge of the online programme. Based on what you learned today and based on what you want to further explore, you decide on more topics for the online programme for you to get connected and stay up to date. The dates of these online round tables are:

  • 24 November
  • 1 December
  • 8 December



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