Kristof Lievens

Managing Partner, i8c

Kristof Lievens is the founder and managing partner of Integr8 Consulting (i8c). Since his electronics and IT studies at Gent University, Kristof has been passionate about technology and integration in specific. Sharing your passion with a team and community is even more fun, so in 2004 the foundations of i8c were laid, which resulted in a team of more than 100 integration - and API experts and still growing.


Integr8 Consulting (i8c) is a vendor-neutral service provider of Hybrid Integration Platform solutions. We assist medium to large scale organizations in the design, build and support of their integration scenarios, interconnecting a multitude of electronic systems: tailor made micro-service applications, SaaS solutions such as Salesforce, IoT sensors, etc.… These systems are typically unlocked via API’s and managed by an API Management platform, so that they can be reused and combined into higher level solutions. Our more than 100 consultants have hands-on experience with multiple integration platforms, allowing us to support your integration platform of choice.


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