Marc Lainez

VP API Marketplace Group at Isabel Group

Marc has a broad experience in software and product development. He co-founded Ibanity, an API aggregator connecting to Belgian banks in 2016. The company was acquired by Isabel Group a year later and he has since then been involved in the API strategy of the group as VP. Over the past years, his team grew the API offering of Isabel Group and grew their initial bank API aggregator to 200+ European banks connected thanks to new regulations in the industry. Marc is also an invited professor at the UCLouvain where he teaches Agile Software development to the university's computer science students.

Isabel Group

In an increasingly complex world, organisations face a myriad of challenges coming at them all at once: they need to grow their business, build and offer differentiated products and services, ensure regulatory compliance and hire the best talent available. Under such circumstances, businesses need focus, not friction.

By removing hassle and friction from financial business processes, our clients can transact and collaborate more efficiently, in a more digital, integrated and trusted way. As a result, organisations can focus on their client and business needs instead of on administrative overhead. As such, they can reduce cost, enjoy greater peace of mind, and grow their business.

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