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Sharing Knowledge · Connecting People

Our summits are a unique gathering where interaction and learning from the experiences of others are central. It is a great way to connect and exchange thoughts with peers in just one day. Yet, we are constantly working on the most effective way of succeeding our goal: Sharing knowledge and Connecting people.

That is why Data Driven Business contains a summit day and an online event.

What is an event of Heliview like?

An event of Heliview contains a summit day and an online event. During the summit day, we record interviews, talkshows and various talks of experts and partners in our mobile Heliview studio. This exclusive videocontent will be available to the participants one week after the summit day. This content can be found underneath the tab TALK in the EventManager.

Participants of the summit day will automatically get access to the online event too. For people who are familiar with Heliview, the summit day itself will mostly be the same as you are used to, yet the online event is a completely new concept. If you only want to participate online, you can register for the online event only. Registration for the online event is possible untill one month after the summit day.

Want to register?

With our events we want to continue our credo Sharing Knowledge · Connecting People. That is why we are very happy with the combination of our summit day and the online event. The online event starts right after the summit day and the exclusive video content will be availible one week after the summit day. We hope to see you at our event.

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