Heliview EXPO


Whether you are looking for new suppliers, wish to expand your network or would like to quickly become acquainted with the right people within an organisation; it is all possible during the online event at the new Heliview EXPO! The Heliview EXPO gives you the opportunity to quickly and easily get in touch with the right people and organisations who can help you with your strategy.


All business partners who contribute to the online event can be found in the Heliview EXPO. In this list you can quickly see which organisations are participating in the event. Would you like to learn more about an organisation? If so, click through to their personal company overview. In no time at all you will see which lines of business these companies focus on and who to contact.


‘Sharing Knowledge & Connecting People’ is the focus of all of our events. Therefore, in Heliview EXPO, you can also request and accept 1-to-1 meetings. Based on your organisation’s specific needs, you can choose which business partner/supplier you would like to talk to. This could be a network meeting, or an expert meeting. On the page listing the companies, you can find out which delegates/experts you can contact for a meeting and when they are available. You can also receive invitations from the delegates and experts. Through this unique way of meeting other people, you can quickly and easily communicate with the right people within an organisation.

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