LIVE sessions

From now on, LIVE round tables, workshops and webinars will be a regular part of the 30-day online events. You compile your programme 2 weeks before the event and choose which session(s) you want to attend. The sessions are interactive and the perfect way to increase your knowledge and to make contact with colleagues and specialists in your field. Gathering and sharing knowledge in a safe way.

Webinar: LIVE and interactive knowledge transfer

During a LIVE webinar, an expert takes you through his or her presentation. The purpose of the videotalk is knowledge sharing. Each TALK lasts a maximum of 20 minutes and addresses one or more areas of interest. Interaction is central to this; meet colleagues and ask questions via chat.

Roundtable: your questions on the table

During the roundtable, you will engage in a conversation based on stimulating statements. A roundtable takes an average of 90 minutes. Under the guidance of a specialist you will go into depth and exchange thoughts with a select group of like-minded people.

Workshop: start right away with concrete tools!

You will get to work during a LIVE workshop! During this online session you will learn concrete techniques and you will get tools to get started right away! A specialist and the participants share knowledge, skills and expertise for 60 minutes.

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