Corona maatregelen

Our security measures concerning COVID-19

You will have noticed all the reporting about COVID-19. Of course, as the organiser of conferences, we also closely follow the news and advice from the federal government. Our conferences until 6 April have therefore been cancelled and moved to another date.

For the other conferences of the spring, these will continue without notice. We have taken additional hygiene measures in consultation with the conference location. You should think of:

  • providing disinfectant hand gel and tissue paper
  • adjustments when offering lunch
  • a more spacious arrangement of the seats in the halls

We also appeal to participants and partners of our conference to follow the advice of the federal government during the conference. Therefore, do not shake hands and wash your hands regularly. We advise you to be on the safe side in the interest of the other participants if you have symptoms of the flu or a cold.

If the advice of the federal government is adjusted and this has consequences for the conference, we will, of course, inform you immediately.

Despite this special situation, we are very much looking forward to the conference and looking forward to your arrival. If you have any questions for us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Participants Service Department
+31 (0) 76 548 4020

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