November 2019

November 9, 2019

Are you aware of the pitfalls in AI?

If you want to start with AI, please remember: Your AI is as good as your data is! Of course you knew, but this presentation will open your eyes, even when you thought they were already open.
AI systems are expected to increasingly take autonomous decisions, often well-hidden from view. This development is not necessarily without danger. In this presentation Jaochim Ganseman will give you a high-level overview of some common pitfalls in AI-powered applications: snares and snags that require more thought than many AI gurus would admit. On the menu: bias and fairness, confounding variables, adversarial attacks, ethics, explainability and interpretability, and more!

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November 9, 2019

Strategy Cafe

In this interactive session, we facilitate Data, BI & Analytics Professionals to discuss integrating data into business strategy to unlock its true value. We see data management, data quality, data governance,… became important challenges. This session is meant to provide the audience a view on the challenges companies face to come to good data governance. We will show the priorities of the companies on the level of data governance and explain where we see the major challenges, based on the discussions within Beltug. By using an opinion poll, the attendees can react on this information and share their insights.
Supervised by Olivier Van Duüren, Chairman | Founder, The Dualarity an Danielle Jacobs, CEO, Beltug

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November 9, 2019

No Vacancy: the use of data and algorithms in Out-of- Home Media

Out-of-Home media houses have a large number of assets for use for advertisers’ campaigns. Advanced algorithms, business rules and data are combined to optimally combine advertisers’ needs with efficient use of available advertising locations. Clear Channel, is a leading player on the Out-of-Home communication market in Belgium with 190 employees, €60m revenue, more than 15.500 billboards and digital screens. At Clear Channel Belgium, technology has helped drive efficiency, while enabling product portfolio flexibility and value creation. In this session Guy Francx (Clear Channel) and Thomas Dekelver (Businesss & Decision) will go over the results and benefits of the approach, as well as deep dive in the methodology and algorithm they used to get to this value creation.

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November 9, 2019

Can business leaders trust data driven business intelligence?

Data sources can offer new business value. Learning how to find, understand, share and analyse data that your Data Scientists and Business Analysts can trust, is essential in moving your business forward.
During this workshop, you will learn how ASG’s Customers use ASG’s Data Governance solution to:
– Make data easier to find and understand;
– Execute automated, reliable data discovery/understanding of the origins of data and how data flows across the data estate, spanning legacy and modern technologies;
– Establish curated datasets allowing Data Specialists and Business Leaders to collaborate and increase data value and data stakeholder productivity;
– Help CDOs and CPOs mitigate risk and ensure regulatory compliance through policy-driven data governance.

Jonathan Brown, Senior Solutions Architect & Andreas Schaub, Senior Enterprise Solutions Engineer, ASG Technologies

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