Data driven barriers

What are the barriers to the data-driven company?

Danielle Jacobs moderated the interactive ‘Strategy Café’ session at Heliview’s Data Driven Business Summit in October; the session aimed to provide a view on the challenges companies face for good data governance. A live opinion poll provided some interesting insight into the audience and their perspectives.

Danielle Jacobs, CEO of Beltug, moderated the ‘Strategy Café’ interactive session at Heliview’s ‘Data Driven Business Summit’, along with Olivier van Düuren, who was acting as chairman of the summit.

During the interactive session, which aimed to provide a view on the challenges companies face to arrive at good data governance, live voting revealed some interesting insight* about the participants, including:

  • 44% manage their data on-premise, while 56% use a mix of private cloud, hybrid cloud, multi-provider public cloud or single provider public cloud.
    The top three barriers to maximising the value of data to meet strategic goals were: data quality and quantity, data siloes/multiple data copies, and (tie) organisational siloes and data governance.
  • Participants strongly agreed with the statement “80% of the work is preparing the data & cleaning, 20% is preparing the algorithm; many also agreed that “we have many discussions around data security, privacy and legal”.
  • Participants disagreed that “AI is a topic in my company”.

In fact, 21% of participants’ companies have no AI projects in place. 30% are in the POC phase, and 29% are in the discovery phase.

*Due to the limited number of respondents, these figures are not representative. In addition, the participants were attending the event because they are very interested in data issues. The figures are presented only to share interesting insight into the audience.

Source: newsletter Beltug

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