Nieuws Cloud control summit

New Summit: Cloud €ontrol Summit

Heliview Conferences & Training has been active in the events industry since 1983. With our summits we lay the foundation for sharing knowledge and we bring supply and demand together. We do this in 8 fields, including finance. Ingeborg Bosch, Senior Conference Producer & Belgium Cluster Lead is introducing a new summit: Cloud €ontrol Summit.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Ingeborg Bosch, I work for Heliview since 2013. Since 2018 I am responsible for the entire Belgium portfolio: Cyber Security, Data Driven, Identity & Access Management, e-Invoicing,  API and Cloud €ontrol Summit. With my perseverance and pragmatic approach, I know how to quickly dive into various topics and achieve the set objectives. Since I am not the topic expert, it’s mainly my job to gather the right people around me who want to help me set up a summit.

This year you’re introducing a new summit: Cloud €ontrol Summit. What does the summit entail?

This summit is about how to prevent, control, and predict IT costs in the cloud. Today and in the future.

What are the subjects that will be discussed?

Amongst others, we will discuss how to develop a solid SAM cloud-strategy and we will give practical execution tips. Also, we share insights on how to develop strategies to optimise the sourcing of cloud services, transforming purchasing processes to achieve greater speed, manoeuvrability and cost optimisation while maintaining business continuity. Another important topic will be an optimal collaboration with cloud suppliers to reduce risks, achieve desired results and get more out of supplier relationships. Also, the design of new IT financing strategies for budgeting, cost optimisation and making hidden IT costs visible will be discussed. And last, but not least we want the audience to understand why compliance is still relevant in the cloud era and where to look out for.

Can you announce a few experts that will be speaking?

We are working hard on the programme, but to start with we already got Coca-Cola confirmed…

What can participants expect from the summit?

Participants will learn a lot about Strategy and Governance. They will get practical insights in defining their cloud cost strategy, identifying their stakeholders within the organisation and defining processes & policies for optimal cost governance. They will learn how technology can be leveraged to automate cost control and establish visibility in their costs. There are different tools on the market and depending on organisational needs they may find the best fit for purpose.

Who is the summit interesting for?

This Summit is interesting for professionals like IT Asset Managers, IT Vendor Managers, IT Procurement Managers, IT Contract Managers, IT Finance Managers,  CIO’s, CFO’s, Enterprise Architects and IT infra Managers.

Why do you think you should not miss this summit?

I am sure that a lot of people struggle with the topics discussed. This Summit is a unique event at which interaction and learning from the experiences of others is key. In addition to a high-quality conference programme, there are various activities where interaction and one-to-one contacts are central. The relevant topics to help you in your job will be discussed and you can meet with your  peers, some of them already finished the struggle you are in, some of them like your advice. Our summits are very much appreciated by our attendees for all these aspects.

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