Data driven barriers
June 12, 2019

What are the barriers to the data-driven company?

Danielle Jacobs moderated the interactive ‘Strategy Café’ session at Heliview’s Data Driven Business Summit in October; the session aimed to provide a view on the challenges companies face for good data governance. A live opinion poll provided some interesting insight into

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Big data
May 8, 2019

Erik Valgaeren: Data is not an existing category in our civil code

Legal systems work on the basis of categories and classifications (‘goods’/’moveable’ and ‘immoveable’, ‘tangible’ and ‘intangible’, ‘contracts’…). ‘Data’ is not an existing category in our civil code and it is difficult to qualify data under one of the existing legal categories.

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Cloud Alliance
April 24, 2019

European Cloud Alliance: How to achieve AI-driven business

Many industries are going through a digital transformation, and artificial intelligence (AI) is a key driver of it. It is changing the way how businesses and developers think about innovation and the ways how it will deeply transform our lives. Cloud computing can also contribute

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