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30 days leadgen: maximum ROI

Participate in Data Driven Business and generate qualified leads for your business. During the online event we bring you in contact with our target group in various ways. By making a substantive contribution to the Heliview TALKS, we offer you a platform to share your knowledge and expertise with the participants of the event. In addition, the one-to-one meetings are a vital part of the event. During the network- and expertmeetings, we bring you in direct contact with the participants to help them with their issues. During the event we will put you in touch with Heliview- and Marketing Qualified Leads.

A Heliview Qualified Lead (HQL) is a qualified end-user with a role in the Decision Making Unit (DMU) within an end-user organisation with at least 20 FTE who is specifically interested in the relevant event topic.

A Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) is a qualified end-user with a role in the Decision Making Unit (DMU) within an end-user organisation with at least 20 FTE, who, apart from being interested in the event topic, is also specifically interested in one-to-one meetings with your organisation and / or is interested in your contribution to the event.

Heliview TALKS

Prior to the event, the video content is recorded in our professional Heliview Studio. The videos are used for 30 days to generate new leads for you. After 30 days you will become (co-) owner of this content, so that you can also use it in your marketing strategy. There are several TALKS options:

Effective network- and expertmeetings

In the EventManager it is possible for a business partner to invite participants of our summits to a one-to-one meeting. You can make your selection based on several criteria, such as job profiles, roles, industries, the size of an organisation and much more. After the meetings, you will receive the right information about the participants to convert it into a qualified lead.

The network meetings take up to 15 minutes and take place online in the EventManager. Both the business partners and the participants are able to plan a meeting. The meeting focuses on connecting with new contacts or maintaining existing contacts. The main goal is to connect you with qualified participants. The meeting can be prepared based on the the profile and questions of the participants.

The expert meetings take place online in the EventManager and take up to 30 minutes. By contrast to the network meeting, an expert meeting can only take place if instigated by the participant and therefore not at the invitation of the business partner. A participant must clearly define his or her question, to give you sufficient time to prepare the content of the meetings.

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Heliview offers you years of experience within lead generation events. The way we created our events, we offer you the ultimate 30-days lead generation campaign. Our unique ‘end-user’ policy, qualified target group, one-to-one network- and expert meetings offer you the perfect combination to achieve your marketing goals. Your ROI is our goal. Together we can make your participation to the event a success! Do you have any ideas? Let us know, we like to think along with you! Get in touch below.

Marieke Versteegh |Senior Sales Coördinator | | +31 (0)76 548 40 76

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