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Manage your own summit participation via your personal EventManager! EventManager is a webinterface where you can view and/or change your profile and preferences, compile your summit programme and schedule your one-to-one meetings.

Personal information
As soon as you have registered for a summit, your registration will be processed. Once it has been approved you will receive an e-mail with a link to your personal EventManager. In “my account” you can view and change your personal information and preferences.

Sign up for sessions/workshops
When the programme is available you can select which workshops, break-out sessions or sessions you prefer to attend.

One-to-one meetings
To achieve the most during the summit we will connect you with senior specialists from our business partners with our unique one-to-one meetings. Via EventManager you can select business partners with which you would like to schedule a one-to-one meeting. When you made your selection you will get an overview of the possible times. If there is no longer any room with the business partner you can sign up for a waiting list. If a spot becomes available we will inform you immediately.

Summit programme
After your check-in at our registration desk at the summit you will receive a message with your personal summit programme. During the summit you can consult EventManager throughout the day for the times and sessions.

Business partners
As a business partner you can invite participants to schedule a one-to-one meeting at the summit. The summit participant can then accept the invitation and schedule a one-to-one meeting in their personal programme. Moreover, they can initiate one-to-one meetings with business partners.

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