Online event

Discover the video content of various partners and experts of the e-Invoicing Summit. During the summit day , various presentations and talk shows by the partners and experts of the event will be recorded in the Heliview Studio. As from one week after the summit day, you can view this exclusive online content through our online platform: EventManager.

Heliview TALKS

At the summit venue, various partners and speakers will contribute to Heliview TALKS. These videos will consist (among other things) of recorded interviews and conversations with presentations by the event’s speakers, experts and partners. You can still register for up to 30 days after the summit day to view the online content. Have you registered for the summit? If so, you will automatically receive access to the online event, where you can view the video content. This enables our platform to be used for online knowledge transfer.


In EventManager, you can manage your own event participation. For example, this is where you can plan your programme, one-to-one meetings and follow the up-to-date summit programme on the actual day. From now on, here you can also view Heliview TALKS, where the video content can be found. Heliview EXPO is here too.

Heliview EXPO

In Heliview EXPO, you will find (among other things) the details of the partners’ representatives and experts. Perhaps you have a specific question and you would like to talk to a (technical) expert from a leading solution provider. In this case, in Heliview EXPO you can plan an expert meeting at a time to suit you!

Participation in the summit

  • In just a day, gain knowledge about the latest trends and developments
  • Hold substantive meetings with experts and obtain advice directly
  • Direct access to the exclusive online content
  • A safe and 1.5-meter distanced conference environment

Online participation

  • Acquire information at times to suit you
  • Available from one week after the one-day summit
  • Request online network and expert meetings
  • Up to 7 different types of talk shows and expert sessions

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