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Our summits lay the foundation for new knowledge, skills and contacts between suppliers and end-users. Participation to one of our summits means a unique opportunity to profile your organisation and to come into contact with a high-quality end-user target group existing of managers, senior specialists and other positions that play a role in the Decision Making Unit. Thanks to our strict access conditions, you will meet a summit target group that consists of at least 90% business end-users.

E-invoicing summit

Interaction with your target group

To make your summit participation a success, we schedule one-to-one meetings for you with participants you are able to select in your personal EventManager. Depending on the partner level you have chosen, you will have 7 to 30 one-to-one meetings during the summit. In addition, you will come into contact with your target group spontaneously during the various sessions. And of course there are different break times which you can use to speak to the participants on the network plaza.

Follow up your leads

A successful summit participation has everything to do with following up your new contacts. That is why you will receive a complete lead list with name and address details and telephone numbers of all summit participants at the end of the summit.You also receive the personal e-mail addresses of the participants of your one-to-one meetings.

Make a contribution to the programme

For a small number of partners there is the possibility to make a contribution to the summit programme by means of a keynote, break-out session and / or workshop.

Your business advisor

Lotte Baauw

I help organisations by using a summit as a means to achieve sales- and leadgeneration targets. During our conversations we will search for the rights summits for your organisation to achieve your ROI. My role in this is to provide you with the best possible advice so that you can meet the right target group. I am happy to help you with succesful  sales and leadgeneration.

Lotte Baauw | Inhouse Sales Executive | | +31 (0)76 548 40 26

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