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Has anything changed regarding IAM in these times of COVID? When people went online in masses and working remotely became the norm, the cybercriminals increased their game with imitation, fraud, malware and increased their game with hacking APIs. What can you do to fight against this?

Organisations need to move forward and also improve their game. Building online trust through Digital Onboarding and eKYC, strong user-friendly authentication and single-sign-on, ability to consent/sign with longer-term legal validity become the norm. Accelerating ‘going digital’ by securely placing containers/microservices in the cloud and building applications for customers, partners and employees who can access that service through well-protected and access-controlled APIs becomes a social necessity to act in this “detached” e-society.

Those who see and master these topics will thrive … others will struggle.

What topics will be discussed?

  • Open Standards
  • (API) Security
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • eIDAS regulation and the planned revision of AML rules
  • Privacy by Design
  • Consent in a digital world
  • Digital Transformation

LIVE sessions

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