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From Traditional IAM to IAM of the Future

Because our society is becoming more and more digital, the need for robust online identity systems has never been greater, this brings with it a lot of opportunities, but also many risks. A digital identity strategy must be the cornerstone for every organisation, from the point of view of business, compliance and architecture. The goal of the Summit is to bring you up to speed, in just one day, with key relevant topics, provide you with inspiration/knowledge and to allow you to meet with and discuss possibilities, challenges and benefits of Digital Identity strategies and solutions in one day.  Sharing Knowledge and Connecting People are important success factors in order to be able to embed e-Identity and Trust successfully into your organisations internal and extended/external enterprise ecosystem. Therefore, we are organising Identity & Access Management Summit 2020, where Business, ICT & Security Professionals get together to learn from each other’s experience.

So we warmly invite you to join our Summit in The Egg in Brussels and enjoy the keynotes, solution provider exposes and ‘limited audience only’ breakouts. 

We decided on 3 angles of approach during Identity & Access Management Summit 2020:

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Business Opportunities

How can you survive if you cannot smoothly interact online fully securely with your customers?
The Business opportunity of good Identity Management could lie with your customer. Know your customer and let the customer experience a strong customer authentication.
Topics that can be discussed are:

  • Customer IAM
  • User Managed / Consented Access
  • Robotics, Chatbots, AI
  • IOT & IAM
  • Self Sovereign Identity

Security & Compliance

How can you sleep comfortably if you cannot tell your boss or regulator that your (customer-) data is correctly protected?
Security & Compliance is an important topic within IT organisations. Security breaches are the order of the day. That is why government agencies and industry groups establish numerous security requirements. But also customers ask their suppliers about their security level and their ability to comply with the new regulations. How do organisations deal with this?
Topics that can be discussed are:

  • IAM Governance
  • Data protecting access controls
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Audit Trailing & Security Analytics
  • Qualified (Remote) Signatures

IT & Architecture

How can you make sure that these functions are integrated consistently into your IT-landscape without exploding costs?
Enterprise Architecture plays a central role in digital transformations. What does the new architecture have to meet?
Topics that can be discussed are:

  • Access control of API’s
  • Identity & (Privileged) Access Management
  • (Strong) Authentication and SSO
  • Role/Rule Based Access Control
  • Attribute Based Access Control
  • Cloud Connectivity (CASB)
  • Trust Services

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