Big Data Against Corona: Mass Surveillance or Privacy by Design?

This is one of the main questions during this period of COVID-19. Do you want to share personal data in order to stay healthy and keep the government up to date? Or is this data not safe once you share it? This dilemma is part of nowadays conversations.

Several different ways of living are created to ensure citizens a safe feeling in in these times of COVID-19. Wash your hands, don’t shake hands and work from home as much as possible. Data-driven technologies promise to make information about the virus more understandable and transparent. This is because the government wants us to feel better and more safe. Yet, is this something that we can trust?

Bart Preneel

Bart Preneel talks about the importance of our privacy and human rights. How do we protect the privacy and human rights that are protected by EU law whilst technologies are deployed at a large scale to support a trace/quarantine/test/isolate strategy in order to contain a pandemic. The interview with Bart Preneel will be part of the online event.

Prof. dr. ir. Bart Preneel is a professor at the KU Leuven. He has authored more than 400 scientific publications and is inventor of five patents. His main research interests are cryptography, information security and privacy. Bart Preneel will be part of both the summit day and the online event.

Identity & Access Management

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