February 16, 2021

How Prepared Were You for the Shift to Mostly Remote Access?

Quick, where were you when you found out you had to work from home? I remember thinking, “Wow, they just shut down Italy. I have never heard of an entire country being shut down.” Millions of people had to prepare quickly to move their business online in real time (without warning). New skills were learned, […]

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February 11, 2021

Heliview Conferences & Training goes LIVE!

After we successfully organised our first online events at the end of 2020, it is time for the next step. Heliview Conferences & Training goes LIVE! In addition to our 20-minute TALKS, TALKshows and the online one-to-one meetings with experts, we add LIVE roundtables, workshops and webinars to our 30-day online events. LIVE SESSIONS From [...]
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January 25, 2021

The importance of PAM

It is important to know who has (still) access to your systems. However, it can be difficult to succeed for some organisations. Alan Radford, Regional CTO, explains to you the importance of PAM.

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December 22, 2020

Cheers to 2021!

2020 was a year to remember, in an odd way. Our organisation had to change very rapidly, but we are proud with our completely new and innovative 30 days online events! 2021 promises to become an exciting year!

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cermified event
August 20, 2020

Green label of the National Security Council for the Heliview events

Heliview Conferences & Training has received the green light from the National Security Council in Belgium to organise 3 events in Belgium in October 2020. These are the API Summit on 1 October , IAM Summit on 20 October and E-Invoicing Summit on 27 October. The three events take place at San Marco Village in [...]
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1,5 meters Heliview
April 24, 2020

Heliview Starts Organising 1,5 meters Summits

In September 2020 Heliview Conferences & Training will be the very first to organise a 1,5 meters conference in The Netherlands and Belgium. With this initiative, Heliview Conferences & Training wants to make sure to share knowledge and connect people. Working from home became part of our daily

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IAM summit
June 12, 2019

Get 8 CPE hours during our summit

During the Digital Indentity & Trust Summit 2019 you will be offered the opportunity to apply for continuous professional education credits (CPE) hours for the CISSP certification or any of the Isaca certificates. Certificate of participation Time is in most cases a problem, as earning

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IAM summit
May 8, 2019

One User Name to Rule the Cloud

Identity Management for your One Stop SaaS Shop According to market research conducted by TechValidate and sponsored by IBM, security is the top concern or barrier for more than half of IT professionals to migrate workloads and IT services to the cloud.

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IAM summit
April 24, 2019

Digital Transformation Means Infusing Identity Everywhere

Addressing Top Security Concerns Security remains the top concern for chief information security officers (CISOs) and IT professionals. However, organisations are becoming more pragmatic in implementing their IAM strategies as a service. According to

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