Jacques Forster


Jacques Forster, as CTO, is responsible for the strategy & design of innovative IAM solutions at OPNS. Jacques’ deep experience in IAM is the result of more than 20 projects delivered as a solution integrator, complemented by 8 years spent as the corporate IAM product owner within a large multi-national organization. He is knowledgeable on all (C)-IAM dimensions at functional, project management and business levels.


Recognized security integrator by MicroFocus, OPNS helps organization achieving their goals in Identity-Powered Security.

We not only provide the tools, the expertise and experience but, even more important, we provide a project approach that speed-up delivery and augment business value of your IAM solution.

Our unique and business-friendly approach to IAM projects combines strong technical capabilities with both a project methodology and project accelerators. Furthermore, OPNS brings the value of its own intellectual property, built over the past 15+ years of activity in IAM; our IP adds out-of-the-box features to the Microfocus (NetIQ) framework, enriching the solution and further accelerating return-on-investment.

OPNS focus on IAM makes us an excellent partner in Identity-driven security, from A to Z including pure consulting, solution design, build, deploy and/or operate, project management, training, change management, maturity assessments, business value assessment and more.

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