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IAM in a post COVID digital world

Because our society is becoming more and more digital, the need for robust online identity systems has never been greater, this brings along a lot of opportunities, but also many risks. A digital identity strategy must be the cornerstone for every organisation, from the point of view of business, compliance and architecture.

Has anything changed regarding IAM in these times of COVID? When people went online in masses and working remotely became the norm, the cybercriminals increased their game with imitation, fraud, malware and increased their game with hacking APIs. It is clear that in such a world, organisations need to move forward and also improve their game. Building online trust through Digital Onboarding and eKYC, strong user-friendly authentication and single-sign-on, ability to consent/sign with longer term legal validity becomes the norm. Accelerating ‘going digital’ by securely placing containers/microservices in the cloud and building applications for customers, partners and employees who can access that service through well-protected and access-controlled APIs becomes a social necessity to act in this “detached” e-society. Those who see and master these topics will thrive … others will struggle.

Come along and discuss (under the safest conditions) these topics with us and experts. We warmly invite you to join our summit day on 20 October 2020 in San Marco Village in Schelle.

The goal

The goal of the summit day is to bring you up to speed, in just one day, with key relevant topics, provide you with inspiration/knowledge and to allow you to meet with and discuss possibilities, challenges and benefits of Digital Identity strategies and solutions in one day.  Sharing Knowledge and Connecting People are important success factors in order to be able to embed e-Identity and Trust successfully into your organisations internal and extended/external enterprise ecosystem. Therefore, we are organising Identity & Access Management, where Business, ICT & Security Professionals get together to learn from each other’s experience.

Prefer online event?

If you register for the summit day, you will automatically get access to the online event too. This event will be start one day after the summit day and the exclusive videocontent will be available to participants one week after the summit day.

Yet, if you cannot attend the summit day itself on 20 October 2020, it is also possible to register for the online event. This event will start on the 21 October 2020, one day after the summit day. You can register for the online event untill one month after the summit day.

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