About the conference

BluePoint, Brussels

In-person conference: 5 October

Online conference: starting 6 October

How to become a Security Leader?

Due to ongoing digitisation, organisations are changing and security has to keep up. A security leader is always busy steering the organisation to take measures more effective and preferably also more efficient. Within the organisation, he/she must move along with the developments of the rest of the organisation. Security struggles with the fact that they would like to centralize as much as possible for the sake of control and efficiency, but that is often at odds with the desire to have business units work agile and therefore also autonomous. Employees find other solutions and then you lose the overview.

The effective security leader adapts and provides the rest of the organisation with knowledge and tools so that people can solve it themselves. At a strategic level, you want to be resilient and agile and want to know how you are really going to adapt to your organisation.

During Security Leadership Conference various organisations and speakers will share their expertise on stage and online! A unique opportunity to share and gain knowledge in the way that suits you best!

The focus of the conference and it's programme is on:

  • Cyber Security
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Information & Data Security
  • Application Security
  • Infra & Cloud Security

Join the conference and discover:

  • How to Improve Cyber Crisis Management?
  • How to Involve the Human Factor in Security?
  • How you can Arrange Supply Chain Security?
  • How to Give Access to Third Parties in a Secure Way?
  • Self-sovereign Identity, Will it Work?
  • How do you Prepare for Ransomware?
  • Understand your Data, Understand your Attackers
  • Developers & Security, Work Together!

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