Our online platform, EventManager, is at the heart of Heliview. This platform provides both partners and end users with numerous possibilities. From managing your profile and preferences, planning one-to-one meetings with experts and viewing exclusive online content in Heliview TALKS.

As soon as you have registered for the online event, you will be given access to EventManager. The platform where professionals can network online, acquire more knowledge and share experiences.

network online, acquire more knowledge and share experiences.

Planning one-to-one meetings
To get the most out of your day, through our unique one-to-one meetings, we put you in touch with our business partners’ senior specialists. You can indicate when the meeting is most convenient for you. And whether you wish to have a network meeting (15 minutes) or an in-depth expert meeting (30 minutes) and which questions you would like to have answered.

Heliview EXPO
Would you like a list of all partners associated with the event? If so, take a look around Heliview EXPO

Heliview TALKS
Previously, a Heliview event consisted solely of the day of the summit. Through the introduction of Heliview TALKS in EventManager, this has changed. The mobile Heliview Studio is a location where interviews are recorded with several speakers and partners . An example might be a video talk in which the speaker presents his or her slides, or a talk show, in which several speakers discuss one of the event’s focus areas.

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