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Review Cyber Security Summit 2019

The amount of registrations for the Cyber Security Summit has been overwhelming and has exceeded our expectations. We are looking back at a great summit with 116 participants and 21 exhibitors. The summit brought together a diverse group of ICT & Cyber Professionals to discuss the most pertinent issues affecting the security and safety of the digital space.

Chairman Erik R. van Zuuren opened the programme together with Daniëlle Jacobs. They started the summit with an interactive session. By using an opinion poll, the attendees reacted on information and shared their insights..

The interactive session gave great insights in the current status on cybercrime amongst the attendees. Such as the results of the following question: Which crimes do you know your organisation already endured?

  1. Phishing with 35%
  2. Ransomware with 16%
  3. Invoice fraude with 13%
  4. CEO-fraude, DDOS and Hacking with 12%

Steven Wilson gave the openings keynote about Europol’s EC3 – The Fight Against Europe’s Cyber Criminals. Some other highlights of the programme:

  • European Framework for Certification and role of ENISA
    Sławomir Górniak Expert at Data Security & Standardization Unit – Enisa
  • Kaspersky Lab’s complex approach to cyber-attack detection in practice
    Rosario Savoia, Subject Matter Expert, Kaspersky Lab
  • The Curious Case of Security Convergence – Back to the Start
    Werner Cooreman – VP of Corporate Security, Solvay Group

We are proud of the organisation of this great summit and hope to see you next year.

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