Kristof Haeck

Managing Partner at Evolane

More than twenty years ago I started my career as an IT consultant. By standing in the mud I learned a lot, I met great people, I worked with renowned technologies and I was allowed to represent some of the most innovative companies in Belgium. Slowly I grew into a more coordinating role, which confronted me with the challenges that occur in the gray zone between the operations and management team. This allowed me to develop my own vision on the concept of 'business IT'. Over the years, it became clear what gave me the most satisfaction: offering peace of mind to both management and technical people, by optimizing their online environments and applications in function of the business objectives. All this with a focus on the pillars 1) security, 2) performance and 3) process optimization. I started my own company in 2016. 'Evolane' is an organization with a vision that is in harmony with my own values and vision as a consultant and entrepreneur. In this vision flexibility, trust and mutual respect are paramount Today, Evolane offers all our customers a personalized range of high-quality solutions in an accessible way. Throughout my career I have worked with Akamai, Dynatrace and Atlassian for several years to offer the best products on the market. Recently we also welcomed Splunk, Contentsquare and Gremlin to our offer. The added value of Evolane? A local partner who speaks your language, knows your specific needs and strives to achieve your digital business goals.


Our mission is to optimize business applications, to unburden your organization and to offer end users the best user experience. Our solutions are there to make applications more user-friendly, more secure and more performant than ever before. To this end, internal processes need to go smoothly as well. To realize all this, we are specialized in three domains:



Don’t be a victim of global digitization, but grow as a company without becoming the next target of the latest threats! Thanks to the Intelligent Edge Security Platform, we keep your data – and that of the user – safe. Arming your organization against phishing, ransomware, DDoS & other cyber threats with our solutions and expertise.



Guarantee your end users the best possible online experience! Our engineers make your business applications 100% available, scalable and faster than ever. We enable you to deliver your content to your target audience quickly and securely. A combination of Application Performance Management, CDN solutions, optimized sales funnels, performance monitoring, AI monitoring and continuous tweaks and fixes, make us the best party to support your business.



Choose a smooth process that leads to spectacular quality! Our engineers juggle test functions, test technologies and performance stats. With load trending and the monitoring of the life cycle of each application, we act quickly. In addition, we provide the best tools to facilitate collaboration in your own team and with ours.


To guarantee our customers a seat in the best “IT ride” of their professional life, we have entered into partnerships with renowned technology companies such as Akamai, Atlassian, Contentsquare, Dynatrace, Gremlin and Splunk. Their solutions and our expertise together form the formula for your success.

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