API Conference, making APIS work

On November the 16th 2022, the API Conference will take place at BluePoint in Brussels.

Just having an API is not good enough. Making APIs Work: You have to make sure you build the right APIs and make them easy to understand and use. But you also have to make sure that these working APIs indeed are found and utilized. Because if that latter part doesn’t happen, you may have working APIs, but they’re not working for you. By joining the conference, you will gain new insight in how to let API’s really work for your organization and let APIs accelerate your Digital Transformation.

Theme: Making APIS Work

Based on the theme: making APIS work learn from experiences of others, discuss subjects like API Management, API Development, API Access, Design & Documentation, Testing, Analytics & Monitoring, API Security and Event Architecture. All on Business related level. Learn how to build a successful Enterprise API Strategy, learn to unify governance, security, and discoverability across your micro services and APIs.  Participate in our event, listen to thought leaders and industry experts on how to let API’s really work for your organisation. Together we will make APIs work for us!


The fully catered congress will bring you up to date with the latest trends and newest developments. Knowledge sharing and interaction between you and your peers is central during the congress. Plan your personal program, meet peers, network with peers and have 1-on-1 conversations with solution providers. Tickets are available through the website. The number of free tickets is limited. Don’t miss out and register in advance.


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