2020 was a year to remember, in an odd way. Our organisation had to change very rapidly, but we are proud with our completely new and innovative 30 days online events!

2021 promises to become an exciting year! As from the new year onwards, on-demand videos won’t be the only thing you get access to when you sign up for an online event. Besides the 30 days on-demand videos, we start with live online events. This will be an unique opportunity, especially in these days!

We want raise a toast to 2021 and wish you all the best for the new year!

We like to offer you the possibility to gain knowledge and to connect with peers and experts – especially now, when we have to work from home. Make a Heliview online event your new year’s resolution!

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Identity & Access Management Belgium

In 2020 companies had to switch very quickly from work in the office to work at home. Working from home entails many risks, as well as a lot of opportunities. The awareness that a digital identity strategy should be the cornerstone of any organisation from a business, compliance, and architecture point of view, has never been greater. The online event Identity & Access Management Belgium is the place to be to learn more about identity & access management.
Start online event: 5 March

Data Driven BE
Data Driven Business

Data Driven Businesses are able to respond quickly and effectively to changes in the market. But how can you organise and analyse data within your organisation? And how do you transform into a data driven business? What do you need to know about data before you start AI? What are the legal and ethical aspects? And how can you respond in a rapid changing world? All these questions will be answered by industry experts and thought leaders at this event!
Start online event: 3 June

Cyber Security Belgium

At the event, we will discuss the most pertinent issues affecting the security and safety of the digital space. This is a unique event at which interaction and learning from the experiences of others is key. The online event Cyber Security Belgium is the place to learn more about the increasing threat of cyber attacks and ransomware situations.
Start online event: 4 June

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API Belgium

Tickets are available untill: 21 januari

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