Optimise your event participation

EventManager is the online platform to make your participation to an event successful. By giving you complete insight into the participants profiles, increasing your visibility and to connect with participants, you are in full control of your success!!

The best lead selections for your one-to-one meetings

Decide for yourself who you want to talk to during the event. In EventManager you can make a selection based on various criteria to invite participants for a one-to-one meeting. Based on position, decision-making authority, company size, industry, areas of interest and investment needs, you can determine the value of a one-to-one meeting with a participant. By giving you insight into the reason for their event participation, you can not only determine whether your organisation can offer a solution, but you can also prepare to have an effective conversation that significantly increases your chance of success.


Heliview TALKS

A Heliview event previously consisted only of a conference day. This will change with the introduction of Heliview TALKS inside the EventManager. During the conference day, the mobile Heliview Studio is a place where interviews, talkshows and video talks with speakers and partners are recorded. This exclusive content will be made available to the online participants in the EventManager. If a participant views your online content for at least 3 minutes, we will send you the details of this lead!

Heliview EXPO

Position your organisation as thé expert in your area of expertise in the Heliview EXPO. Show your company profile, introduction video, delegates and experts in the Heliview EXPO. If participants have a specific request for help, during the online event, they can request for an online meeting with an expert to discuss technical solutions in the Heliview EXPO. When a participant requests an expert meeting, they must indicate, as specifically as possible, what the specific request for help is, so you can schedule the right specialist for this meeting and you’ll be well prepared.

Logistic organisation

In addition to all the lead generation options that EventManager offers you, you can also regulate the logistics organisation within the platform. You can find promotional material, see all registrations, see participants who signed up for your session, sign in your delegates and much more. In short, the most transparent and user-friendly tool to manage and optimise your event participation.