Heliview Conferences & Training goes LIVE!

After we successfully organised our first online events at the end of 2020, it is time for the next step. Heliview Conferences & Training goes LIVE! In addition to our 20-minute TALKS, TALKshows and the online one-to-one meetings with experts, we add LIVE roundtables, workshops and webinars to our 30-day online events.


From March onwards, LIVE roundtables, workshops and webinars will be part of our 30-day online events. You compile your program 2 weeks before the event and choose which live session(s) you want to attend. The sessions are interactive and therefore the perfect way to increase your knowledge and to connect with colleagues and experts within your field – sharing knowledge in a safe way.


Sharing Knowledge and connecting people are the core business of Heliview online events. Participants of the 30-day online events have on-demand access to a great selection of exclusive 20-minute TALKS: presentations, inspiring talkshows and in-depth interviews with experts in the field. We record these unique TALKS in our own Heliview Studio in advance. Do you have a question for an expert after watching one of the TALKS? Then you can easily schedule an online one-to-one meeting with one or more partners of the event. These can be short network meetings, but also in-depth expert meetings. You decide!


In March, the events that start with live sessions are Identity & Access Management Belgium, IT & Software Asset Management and Industrial Cyber Security. You can register for the LIVE session 2 weeks before the event starts. But remember, there are only a limited amount of participants possible during these live sessions! So be on time and register today!

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