One-to-one meetings

The Heliview matchmaking

We have been bringing people into contact with each other during our events for over 35 years. Making personal and business contacts is the basis of all our events. We continuously adapt our services to bring participants and business partners into contact with each other in a simple and informal way. During all our events we facilitate a unique form of matchmaking: one-to-one meetings. These can be network meetings as well as expert meetings.


In the EventManager you select the participants who you want to contact. A participant can also invite you. If your invitation is accepted, a meeting will be scheduled. These meetings take place on the network plaza during the conference day or online in the EventManager and last 15 minutes.

Expert meetings

If a participant has a specific request for help, the participant can invite a maximum of two partners for an expert meeting. The participant indicates what his / her question is. This way you will be given the opportunity to schedule the right expert to answer the question. An expert meeting lasts 30 minutes and always takes place in the EventManager.