Get to know our 1.5 meters summits

1,5 meters summits with the guidelines of the government

We are pleased to announce that we have found a way to share knowledge and bring professionals into contact with each other, despite all measures concerning the Coronavirus. In the past weeks, taking into account the guidelines of the government, we have worked extensively on a concept in which we can guarantee your ROI in your participation of our summits as good as possible.

Organisations need to find out how to rearrange their offices for their employees, but also how to change (social) events. “That is why we want to take the first step in the right direction, a step of 1.5 meters,” Hans de Werd said, CEO and Founder of Heliview Conferences & Training.

1,5 meters

Do you want to participate in our summits?

  • Safety: we follow the guidelines of the Federal Public Service closely
  • Ability to choose your personal programme
  • Update your knowledge in just one day
  • Share knowlegde with peers and network

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Did you already register for one or more of our summits? Don’t worry! You don’t have to do anything, we will contact you as soon as possible.


Shorter programme

Enough Time to Switch
When designing the programme, we created enough time between the sessions to switch. By doing this, we can ensure the safety of all our attendees. Besides that, we have created a new kind of programme for our summits in which we offer you maximum amount of content in a minimum amount of time.


Extra Attention for Cleaning
During the summit, we pay extra attention to cleaning. Door handles, toilets and other surfaces are cleaned intensively and enough cleaners are present during the day to guarantee hygiene.


Safe and Distributed Registration
We want to make the registration as easy and safe as possible. That is why the registration takes place behind plexiglass and with clear waiting spots on the floor.


We can ensure our participants that also the kitchen staff follows the guidelines of the Federal Public Service.  Our usual buffet will be replaced by a personal Foodbox.

One-way traffic

Clear Walking Routes
At the location of the summit, several signs show a clear route to walk during the day. This ensures all participants and businesspartners enough space to move.

Wash hands

Wash Your Hands
We want to ask you to wash your hands more often. Therefore, we facilitate extra hand soap and disinfectants for you to clean your hands.

Spacious design

Spacious Design to Ensure Distance
To ensure enough moving space for everyone, we started with our 1,5 meters summits. We created signs on the floor to indicate 1,5 meters and all the tables and chairs are placed at an appropriate distance from each other to make sure our participants and businesspartners can share knowledge and connect.

Health check

Health check
To check whether you feel good and healthy, we want to ask you a few questions in advance of the summit. A day before the summit begins, we will send you a few questions about your health. If you can answer one of those questions with ‘yes’, we kindly ask you to contact us immediately.

Personal Hygiene products

Personal Hygiene Products
It is mandatory to wear mouth masks and gloves to our summits. During the day, we offer all our participants extra disinfectant hand gel to disinfect your hands. Also, our employees wear gloves during the registration of the participants.

Shaking hands

Don’t Shake Hands
At our summits it is not allowed to shake hands. It is important to prevent contact as much as possible. Be creative and greet people in another way.

Do you want more information or do you have any questions, send an e-mail to

Upcoming Summits:


API Summit

Conference day: 2 December 2020
Online event: 3 December – 3 January 2021
Location: San Marco Village | Schelle


Cyber Security Summit

Summit day: 3 December 2020
Online event: 4 December – 4 January 2021
Location: San Marco Village | Schelle