30 days leadgen campaign

We have been working hard in recent months to be able to offer you a new form of lead generation. Since 1983 we have been a pioneer in facilitating event-driven leadgen during our summits. In addition to the summit days that you are used to from us and have been proven successful, Heliview will expand to online lead generation. During our 30-day lead generation campaign we will put you in touch with a qualified target group, both on the summit day and in our online platform EventManager. We mainly believe in the combination of online and offline and are convinced that this way we can bring you into maximum contact with interesting leads.

Heliview TALKS

We record video content in our professional Heliview Studio. The videos will be used during the 30-day online event to generate new leads for you. The video content can be viewed on demand during the 30 days or attended live at a pre-set time. After 30 days you will become (co-) owner of the on demand content, so that you can also use it in your marketing strategy. There are 7 types of TALKS possible.

Maximise your ROI!

Participation in Heliview TALKS is a unique opportunity to generate even more leads for your business. By positioning your organisation as the expert in your field, you not only increase your thought leadership, but you also increase your chances of new business. Some advantages of Heliview TALKS:

  • Participants van register up to one month after the summit day to view these TALKS
  • During the 30 days of the event, we actively generate new leads for you
  • If an online participant views your TALK for at least 3 minutes, you will receive an email once a week stating which participant viewed your content, so that you can follow up personally
  • After 30 days you will become (co-)owner of the content so that you can use it in your own marketing strategy
  • If you still have viewers on your video after 30 days, you will ofcourse still receive these leads

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