This fall Heliview will be organising online only events

This fall Heliview will be organising online only events

After announcing new measures around COVID-19 by the Dutch government, Heliview Conferences & Training itself has decided to cancel all planned event days this fall. For the time being, the organisation will only organise online events!
Participants who register will have on demand access to unique, exclusive video content.

In addition, online participants can engage in digital one-to-one meetings with partners and experts to network and gain more knowledge.

Online enters the main stage

Taking into account the expected impact of COVID-19, Heliview has worked hard in recent months to develop online events. Initially the idea was that these would take place parallel to the physical events, but this autumn online only events will enter the main stage. Director Hans de Werd is optimistic: “Ultimately we want to move to a multichannel setup where the virtual event is an extension of the physical event, but this autumn we will use the online program to ensure that participants can gather knowledge and make relevant connections to their business.”

Exclusive on demand content

Sharing knowledge and networking are central during the Heliview online event. Participants of the 30 day online event have on demand access to a large selection of exclusive video content. Think of explanatory presentations, inspiring talk shows and in-depth interviews with experts and major players in the market. Heliview has pre-recorded this unique video content in the Heliview Studio. Does the participant have a question for a professional? Then he or she can easily schedule a meeting with one or more partners who make the online event possible. These can be short network meetings but also in-depth expert conversations. The participant decides!

Sign up for online events

From the end of November, the events Identity & Access Management, The Information-Based Government, Cyber ​​Security Experience, Dutch Data Forum and Low Code No Code will start Online only. The tickets are available at this moment. In addition, Heliview will also start in December with the international English-language event API Summit.

Upcoming online events


API Summit Belgium

Starts: 10 December 2020


Identity & Access Management 

Starts: 5 March 2021