After a long period of working and networking online, it is finally time to get back to our normal lifes. After a number of successful online events, we are very happy to be able to organise events on location again this fall.

We haven’t been sitting still

For years, Heliview has been the knowledge party in the field of IT, security, industry, data and more. During our conferences, we bring supply and demand together and provide a platform for knowledge exchange. That came to an abrupt end at the beginning of last year. In order to continue to provide our customers with knowledge and new contacts, we have developed a unique 30-day online concept. During these 30 days, various live events take place, sessions can be viewed on demand or live and online network conversations take place. Thanks to this concept it was still possible to gain knowledge and contacts.

Best of both worlds

Our online events have been received well. That is why we are certainly not saying goodbye to the online events. From September 2021, all events will consist of a conference day that will be immediately followed the next day by the online event. Attend the conference day to watch inspiring keynotes and make new contacts. You also get direct access to our unique online event with even more knowledge in the form of on-demand videos and live interactive sessions! Prefer to participate online only? That is also possible, there is something for everyone!

At what event will we see you?

This fall, various events will take place in 8 different fields. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain new knowledge and meet experts and peers! Take a quick look at the annual calendar to see which events are available for you!

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