Heliview site nieuw

We Are Proud To Present Our New Website!

Join us on this new journey

The moment you visit a website, you want clarity. You want to know what to expect and where to find particular information you are looking for. We did our utmost to create an experience on our brand new website. Therefore, we are proud to announce our new Heliview Conferences & Training website!


Ah, like that. To create more clarity on our website we designed an overview with all our current Summits in Belgium. We wanted to make it easier for participants and business partners to see which summits might be interesting. Besides that, the page also contains a clear overview of the latest news and updates of the different summits. Make sure to register for the newsletter if you don’t want to miss anything!


A picture is worth a thousand words. This creed is something that we embraced while creating our new website. We believe that photos will show you a particular feeling and atmosphere we find important during our summits. Also we created a video of one of our summits to make this feeling and experience even more realistic.


Never change a winning team. Why should you change something once it works fine? We think that it is impossible to never make changes. Sometimes small changes can create a new road to walk on. The look and feel of the website has been changed completely, yet we are still the same organisation behind the wheel. Our mission is still Sharing knowledge and connecting people. Our summits offer (higher) management and senior specialists a platform to exchange knowledge and connect business partners with participants to create useful leads.

Get inspired and informed during one of our summits

Take a look around and share your energy with us! We hope to meet you during one of our summits in order to share knowledge and connect people.

For any questions or remarks contact the marketingteam: marketing@heliview.nl